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We make films, not websites. We are spending the time to make better films,


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MCI - Forward Singappore
Singtel "Sensei 5G Power"
LTA - Simply Go
Pigeon - Natural Botanicals
Foodpanda "Auntie Knows Best"
TRUST - Noodles
TRUST - Parisian Kopitiam
Trust - Fast Approval
EZLink "Life's Little Wins"
Klook - "Real Reviews"
Aviva "My Long Term Care"


Atypical is a full-service film production house.

where commercials, branded/ entertainment content,

production support and pour-over coffee are crafted fearlessly with love.


Founded to create stellar work for our clients.

We are inspired by possibilities & curiosity.

Work with grit with a dash of old-school ethics;

And are obsessed with crafting great work that captures

hearts and minds through visual spectacle and storytelling.


ATF has been an inspiring home for Directors & creatives,

and have bred, repped and spring-boarded a diverse

roster of talents and younglings.


Creative producing is at the heart of what we do.

We're good at making films.

We're just not very good with creating websites.


Do you provide Production Support?

Is water wet? Of course we do! As a Singapore-based production house with strong links to the relevant authorities, we provide solid cross-cultural support to fellow producers, directors and clients from around the world. Always conscious of cultural expectations and nuances, we pride ourselves with being gracious and ever-ready hosts.


Do you do post-production?

Heck yes, We have a lean post-production team and a much larger network of reliable and world-class post professionals that we work with constantly with every project.


Do you ideate?

Yes. Our creative team cracks briefs like they crack durians on a hot summer afternoon. Bao Jia. 

Are you guys karaoke?

We belt it out and jive to Freddie, Tay Tay, Paul and Simon, Stan, Bono,

Jackie & Faye.


Is there alcohol in your establishment?

We don’t drink.



Do you even care?

More than you can ever imagine! We are entrenched in the local film industry. These are our sisters and brothers who have gone through the trenches together.

It’s part of who we are; To build a sustainable film industry in Singapore and nurture a work culture that champions health, kindness and longevity for all.

Coffee sometime?

Nothing rings our bell more than you stopping over for a cuppa!


Now you know where to find us.

52 Horne Road #03-01 Singapore 209071

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